Arrival in Bologna: Day 1

After a 13-hour van ride, 5 Romanian guests of the association Turisti non a caso arrive in Bologna.  The guests are:

  • Ilie – from Baile Herculane
  • Istvan – from Timisoura
  • Alina – from Timisoara
  • Daniela – from Oravita
  • Lavinia – from Eselnita (Orsova)

After leaving our baggage, we go out for a tour of Bologna.

L to R, back row: Luca (from Turisti), Alessandro (with the Romanian association Tenera, sending Romanian org.), Ilie, Istvan, me. Front row, L to R: Lavinia, Alina, Daniela, Andrea (from Turisti)

After dropping off our stuff, Andrea (of Turisti) takes us on a tour of Bologna.  On our walk, we learn about the “portici” – covered walkways – and their evolution.  We eat gelato and sit for a long time in the sun in the piazza of the 7 churches, It: compesso delle 7 chiese.   It is known as one of the most beautiful squares in the world, Andrea tells us.

Andrea, member of Turisti non a caso, leads us on a tour of Bologna

A canal of Bologna

Evolution of the portico over time


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